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The Earth is our Canvas

Bayo Park & Galleries is Iowa's most spectacular "earth-ganic" sculpture park situated on a pristine 10-acre exhibition ground. Bayo Park & Galleries is a one-of-a-kind art destination showcasing an original experiential artistic exploration with nature. It is an exhibition space spanning a vast and fluid acreage with both open-air and incubating sculptural installations and art galleries in a variety of intrinsically tranquil and pictographic settings. At Bayo, the Earth is our Canvas - 10 acres of exhibition ground to create stunning works of art including photography, graphics, installation art, paintings and sculptures.

Every fall, Bayo Park & Galleries hosts an art exhibition festival on our ten-acre ground, an ever-changing canvas. Find out more information about Bayo Park & Galleries 2017 show entitled " EC = One Big Step" opening this fall.

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Take a stroll. See the Art Progress.

In essence, The natural serenity and peaceful environment at Bayo Park & Galleries is tastefully complimented with an artful use of on-site organic material sculpted in contemporary architectural artworks of monumental scale. Visitors are allowed to witness the progress and development of original "earth"ganic works of art.

Visit this masterpiece year round by scheduling an appointment or find out more information about our annual fall event EC = One Big Step; an art installation of daring and energetic individualism.

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Our location - Nestled between Iowa cornfields.

Just minutes from the eclectic and diverse community of Fairfield, Iowa, Bayo Park & Galleries is located in the agricultural rural town of Batavia in the Great State of Iowa. Nestled between the cornfields and nearing the town of Libertyville, Bayo has been an active and influential member of the arts throughout the State of Iowa, producing an exhibition at the University of Iowa Museum of Art, running a gallery in downtown Iowa City, participating in art fairs in Des Moines and interacting and engaging with local artists, musicians, and performers for over a decade, thus shaping the artful dialogue within our community and State. Bayo Park & Galleries is situated ten minutes away from the eclectic town of Fairfield, renown worldwide for the Maharishi Community. We produce all our dynamic events at Bayo Park & Galleries in partnership with local hotels, businesses, publications and performers/artists/musicians, entertaining and reaching a diversity of spectators across the state, through the midwest, crossing into the vast art world.

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The colors of Nature

The Park merges the artists’ understanding of four realities (sacred, physical, old, and new) with an inventive language of nature with all the colors of the earth fused together with today’s technology. The collective experience at Bayo Park & Galleries is ingenious and imaginative - a conversational place for all admirers of nature, performance, and artfulness.

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Plants & Wild Life at Bayo

Visitors are allowed to wander through an effervescent hand-carved wooded landscape that features the beauty of the natural environment including many native plants, trees, gardens, birds, and animals. The phenomenon of this masterfully chiseled panoramic space is juxtaposed with surrounding farmlands, rolling hills, and countryside signature to rural Iowa.