Who We Are

Bayo Arts & Design was first established in 2001. Since its foundation, Bayo Arts & Design has produced dozens of stageplays, educational workshops, art exhibitions, and one-of-a-kind art collectibles for both public and private patrons while participating in numerous art fairs across the nation. A family business, Bayo has been a leading force in the crossroads of art and society. In 2007, Bayo Arts & Design relocated to our current location in Batavia, Iowa, where we have been devoted to creating an artful "peace" park, Bayo Park & Galleries, a sculpted ground housing the many talents and capabilities of Bayo.

What We Do

Bayo Arts & Design specializes in everything artful - from paintings, sculptures, and jewelry to all forms of design. Our vast set of skills are best exhibited currently on our ten-acre sculpture park in the state of Iowa. View our works for sale on our online shop or contact us for information regarding collecting the fine art of our artists.

Our Philosophy

Bayo Arts & Design was founded on the artful philosophy "Life is a Performance" developed by Executive Director Olabayo David Olaniyi while an artist-in-resident at the University of Michigan. Focusing on the power of objects in our daily lives, Bayo uniquely combines objects and performance in all our artistic endeavors.

Our Mission

Through our powerful creative expression, we are peacefully dedicated to an artful transformation of the world for a greater humanity. Hence, we seek to carve, mold, shape, and beautify the world through our art form, guided by the belief that artful thought leads positive change. Our mission has remained to utilize the power of art, artistry, and artful thought to transform and uplift our local, state, national, and world communities. We remain committed to bringing this great artistry to every community we encounter and every project we embark on.