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An Emphasis on Design

Bayo Arts & Design has state-of-the-art design skills to cover a vast range of design needs including websites, interior design, stage/set design, movie graphics, magazine covers, business flyers, logos, and more. Whatever your project, our artful perspective opens endless creative possibilities.

Web Design Services

Web Design

From templated designs to one-of-a-kind sites, we specialize in small business sites and artist/artisan's sites and blogs.

Responsive Design

Our website services include designing your site to fit all devices, including desktop, tablets, and mobile.

Graphic Design

From image optimization to photoshop, we ensure that the images on your site are the best quality.


Packages include features such as onsite search engine optimization, social media linking, and mailing list sign up forms.

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Based on our ten-acre sculpture park

Our uniquely peaceful environment inspires a creative approach to everything we design, develop, and build.

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Contact Info

Contact us for your next design job, and schedule an in-person or telephone design consultation.

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1610 230th St, Batavia, IA, USA