The art from "Specter Scepter - FORP"


by Olabayo David Olaniyi

"GIFT" is a remarkable work of art-in-progress by Olabayo David Olaniyi from the 10-acre grounds of Bayo Park & Galleries. Carved from the hardwood Walnut, "GIFT" is a leading part of the body of work for Bayo Park & Galleries 2019 annual event "Specter Scepter - FORP."

"GIFT" embodies Olaniyi's unique artful philosphy of "Life is a Performance", dwelling in between four realities - sacred, physical, old, & new - often found as a theme in the artist's work. The artwork is majestic and represents a well-carved yet contemporary modern work of art. The sculpture is painterly and geometric at the same time. She embodies the energy of the ten-acre sculpture park that she is birthed from, replicating on her body, the same spherical forms and shapes the artists have carved into the grounds of their 10-acre park. "GIFT" also encompasses the structural and architectural motifs that are common to Olaniyi's work. The sculpture is very-well mathematically grafted, lined, shaped, and formed, demonstrating Olaniyi's masterful combination of traditional know-how and Western academic training.

For more information regarding "GIFT" or for artwork acquisition inquiries, please write to or call 269.599.9498. Shipping options apply.