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The Power of Objects

power object

Since 2001, Bayo has focused on creating works of art that impacts society positively. Art is powerful. As artists we use a variety of mediums not only to beautify our world but to address issues most important to us. Every work created from our studios is viewed as an "object character" performing in space. We strive to use our boundless creativity to emphasize the power of art in our world, the power of our objects.

shovel sculpture

Intelligent Design

floor design

We see art and design in all aspects of life and every corner of the world. Founded as an art & design company, we are dedicated to our artful vision, designing everything intelligently and with absolute originality from interiors to exhibition spaces. Our goal is to ensure that our customers, clients, and patrons feel the difference in their lives and environment with our "Intelligent Design."

"Life is a Performance"


In 2000 Executive Director of Bayo Park & Galleries, David Olaniyi, developed the philosophy "Life is a Performance," emphasizing the power of objects and the role they play in our daily performances. "Life is a Performance" studies the character/roles we play in our ever-changing world. Our company embodies these ideas, hence, we perform at our best at all times.

Recent Work

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"Object and the Hand" Series
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