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from Rome to Batavia

Opening Nov. 8, 9, 10 from 6-8pm

Bayo Park & Galleries has lit a big artistic fire in the state of Iowa with our annual fall exhibitions. “WALL - from Rome to Batavia (Gbariye)” is our third annual, opening November 8th, 9th and 10th from 6-8pm and every Friday and Saturday thereafter.  All are invited to experience and participate in a display of true artistic genius and witness a heavenly artful presence.

Bayo Park & Galleries is a ten acre sculpture park owned and operated by world-renowned artists David and Reena Olaniyi.  The park is exhibiting the greatest success of contemporary art that has been achieved by two artists in the state of Iowa to date.  It is an example of absolute devotion to artistry and enlightening art in today's world. Bayo prides itself in expanding artful culture and thought into intelligent creativity. The artists are creating anew, seeking artful greatness by farming art cultivated on polished acreages.

Executive Director David Olaniyi states, “It is by design that we have a sculpture park in the middle of soybeans and corn fields which is recognizing art and artists in a farming state of Iowa, everyone, and everywhere. The farmers around us plant soy and corn yearly. We are farming and planting original arts, while erecting contemporary galleries, making sculpture out of buildings, to display the harvest of our various artful disciplines and artful power objects. When we announced our ten-acre art farm to the local community, many stated farmers farm hundreds and thousands of acres around here. But a ten-acre art farm is the biggest studio, workshop, exhibition, gallery space any artist, like a farmer owning acreages, could have! The pristine, peaceful, artful environment in the middle of cornfields we are growing is truly original to the county/state of Iowa, the world of art, and humanity, most especially. Hence, this third annual show - ‘Wall,’ that of art ‘from Rome to Batavia,’ honors the great artists and artisans that came before, those that are still living, and all those that live around and enjoy artful presence for a greater community.”

Like a farmer preparing land for farm and a painter prepping a canvas, a diamond cutter looks for the best cut of a precious stone - that is Bayo Park & Galleries and its artful product.  Before the introduction of “Kuka, Mr. Robotic hand,” and “Lady CNC Omax” or “Uncle Shine Shine DMX light,” Bayo is sculpting the whole ten acres as a work of art - land, trees, mud, water and all. Visitors are walking into and experiencing living lives inside a work of art. They will walk on a hand-forming, overly-painted earth canvas marked with weedwackers, shaped with footsteps and tillers, brushed with rakes and brooms into sweeping paths.  All in one, like a priest tending to a monastery, the artists spend the year tending to the land, preparing for “harvest” - the annual show. The exhibition, “WALL - from Rome to Batavia (Gbariye)”  showcases the park’s annual growth, permanent large-scale sculptures, and galleries designed and built by the artists, who draw artful inspiration and create objects from their proud natural acreage surroundings.  This year’s exhibit will feature “Spyde Gallery,” and five works of contemporary art that took four years to create. The artwork invited Spyde Gallery space, also a work of art, designed especially for the art, space, and audience as objects to interact with one another. According to Olaniyi’s artful philosophy, “Life is a Performance,” people, too, are objective art pieces, like art objects, interacting in a spacial gallery - a set. Hence, Bayo is performing art, people, and earthly life - Heavenly.

Upon arrival, visitors will view artists in working studios/gallery spaces, will be able to meet and converse with both artists, and collect original works of art designed onsite and inspired by the “naturality” of the park. Bayo Park & Galleries is creating the world’s most powerful objects of art and thought as a bi-product of artful living available to collectors, museums, hotels, banks, business owners, private collectors, and art enthusiasts for public/private spaces.  Every object available at Bayo is a collectible item from limited editions (don't wear it, frame it!) t-shirts, and prints on edition-etching fine art paper, to hand-carved sculptures, individually crafted paintings, and hand-made jewelry.  All objects are hand-crafted, designed and made on the park in Batavia, IA. Hence, these artworks are time-checked, earth-bound, marking periods of daily existence of thoughtful souls. The artworks of Bayo are important historical artifacts and serve as an amazing investment opportunity for the uniqueness and originality of the artists’ work who dwell on the land and the power that the objects yields.

Through the idea, “Life is a Performance” the artists of Bayo have committed their lives and art form to a greater beautified and unified humanity, with the value of the power of art. What one sees is not what it is, what is written is not what is understood, what is understood is not clearity, hence, objectivity as an object.  The park is being realized and manifested as a vision for the community to bear witness and participate. Come and see an America wonder on a beautiful, growing, 10 acre art farm.

Bayo Park & Galleries is officially open for business and admission is free.  The opening reception for “Wall - from Rome to Batavia (Gbariye)” is Nov. 8th, 9th and 10th from 6-8pm.  The park will be open every Friday and Saturday from 6-8pm thereafter and throughout the year by appointment.  Bayo Park & Galleries is located at 1610 230th St, Batavia, IA. For directions or more information, call 641-693-4142/269-599-9498 or visit

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